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Domestic Installations

Domestic electrical installations have evolved considerably , with the ability to automate and control your home from a mobile device being a reality.

At Infinite Electrical Services we offer all your home electrical requirements, through energy-efficient equipment, energy monitoring and voltage optimisation.

We take great pride in keeping up to date with the latest home control and integration technology. In having experience of completing a number of installations, we can adapt your electrical installation to cater for your unique needs.

We have vast experience in control of home entertainment, CCTV, security systems, access control and data infrastructures. They all can be managed centrally and from a mobile device in any location. All in addition to the standard integration of LED dimming, electric blinds, electric windows, air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

We understand that a house is not just a house, it’s your home. Good workmanship, communication and cleanliness are always maintained to ensure minimum disruption to you and your family.

With having so many different types of lighting within the open living area, home control is the only way to go. Not only can I switch each type of lighting individually, we can create scenes for cooking, watching TV and dining. Dining is my favourite scene, as it will automatically play music though the ceiling speakers.

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