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The automation of the home and workplace is now a must. The benefits are becoming more and more apparent in all environments.

  • The ability to design a system to switch off equipment and lighting when setting the security alarm.
  • Being able to manage your heating and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Receiving notifications when the children return home or an employee returns via the CCTV.

They all have significant advantages. In understanding your requirements and advising on the endless possibilities, we ensure the automated system lives up to the highest expectations.

We offer a full design service so we can work with you to achieve the right system for you and your home or workplace.

We offer a full design service so we can work with you to achieve the right system for you and your home or workplace.

Benefits of Home Automation


If you think that you have left that light on, the stove on or even your hair straighteners on, you can be reassured that you haven’t. With control of your home from your mobile device, you can even check if your front door is locked from the beach. In selecting the holiday setting, this will reduce your heating, switch off lighting, activate a presence setting and notifications of movement around your home.


The ability to lock or unlock a door, gate or garage through your mobile device is one of the key benefits of home automation. Home control will give you peace of mind knowing that you can check that everything is closed and secured whilst you are away from home. Intercoms direct to your mobile device anywhere in the world and the ability to allow partial access for deliveries. You can receive alerts and notifications each time someone enters the property. External sensors detect movement and simulate the presence within the property when you are away.


Everything can be controlled from your fingertips, with your mobile device nearly always with you, you can easily monitor your home and control everything with just touch of a finger. With the use PIN, Passwords, thumb print and face recognition, your phone is more secure than ever.

Save Money

The ability to switch off appliances, lighting and heating is a significant benefit of home automation and will considerably reduce your energy costs. The use of one switch or your security alarm system controlling non-essential equipment will reduce energy consumption when you leave your home or retire for the night. Control the external lighting via light sensors and programming will ensure the lighting is used only when required.

Benefits of Workplace Automation

Businessman presenting work safety concept, hazards, protections, health and regulations


Monitor fire alarm systems, water temperatures and pollutants within the air or drainage. Secure hazardous areas to unauthorised personnel. View current employees and visitors within the building at any time.



Integration of security systems, such as alarms, CCTV and access control systems that can be accessed from single or multiple devices. Notifications and continuous monitoring ensures your property and equipment is exactly where you left it. You can restrict or grant employees to access by the touch of a button.



The control of lighting and air handling units ensures the working environment is maintained in the most cost-effective solution. Internal lighting and external temperature sensors optimise the energy required to sustain a comfortable working environment. Monitor energy consumption per week, month and year for comparisons with previous readings or compile time sheets and register employee working hours.

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